Another Successful Trip

In December, three electricians, Greg Horton, Tim Horton, and Paul Horton, flew from North Dakota to install a larger generator. Bob Sumner flew from Philadelphia to coordinate the different men working at the clinic as well as sorting through boxes and doing repairs in the dental clinic. Everyone was a volunteer and paid his own expenses. What a blessing for SATC.

A container, which was to have arrived in September, arrived in November. This necessitated the trip to Honduras in December. The contents of the container were mainly medical supplies, medical equipment and a large generator. The generator replaced the smaller generator yielding 2.5 times the capacity of the present generator. Installing the large generator required removing the present transfer switch and installing a larger one to match up with the larger generator. Some present panels had to be removed and wires rerouted. The wires to the generator had to be paced in conduits underground from the transfer switch to the generator. At the same time the water softener and water purification system was installed. A large exhaust fan was installed to remove hot air from the attic. Many boxes were opened and sorted through and contents stored in the proper location.

In short, a very successful trip that will benefit the clinic for long time.