Shipping a Container

The container is loaded and will be picked up. The process took 2 1/2 days involving transporting stored equipment and supplies from 4 different locations. The logistics were organizing and coordinating people and trucks. Gary Huddell was very helpful using his 26’ box truck and physically helping for a full long day. In addition Tom Huber and Jay Eberhardt worked a full day. Pete, Mike and Bob put in 2 1/2 days. to complete the process.

The staging area was at West Chester Manufacturing in Avondale, PA. Bill Stallings, owner, used his equipment and expertise in loading the generator and other heavy equipment. He is a one of a kind.

We can’t leave out Jim Harrison who used his truck and gave maybe 20 mattresses which we used a lot to pack around most of the sensitive equipment. We are relieved we have the Carnet Despensa and the Certificacion and the container ready for shipment.

While ecstatic to get this container shipped, we’ll really feel relief when the container is on the ground at Manos Amigas.