Health Guardians Attend Summit in Honduras Workshop

What are Health Guardians? Health Guardians are men and women from surrounding villages in Copan that volunteer their time to care for their villages' sick and injured. Summit in Honduras, a partner of Serving at the Crossroads, established this program several years ago. Summit in Honduras provides the Health Guardians with medical training.

During the brigade’s time in Honduras, some of the volunteers held a workshop for the Health Guardians to teach them how to make the best medical supplies out of what they had available. The brigade demonstrated how to make slings and splints out of strips of a bed sheet and sturdy sticks found outside. They also learned how to stabilize a person’s neck with cardboard and cloth. After the demonstrations, the Health Guardians were able to ask questions about “what to do if…” what type of medicine should be used for a certain illness, what are the symptoms for certain diseases, etc.

When the meeting finished, the Health Guardians received a bag they could fill with medical supplies that their villages needed. If they didn’t have enough of certain supplies, the volunteers offered to bring them the supplies once they got some more.