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To sustain a health-care facility that will offer a diversified and multidisciplinary approach to diagnose, treat, educate and care for those it serves so as to give patients hope, invigorate the spirit of the community, and enable families to break out of the cycle of poverty and illness that entraps the impoverished.



To gather the resources necessary to build, equip, and sustain a medical clinic in the town of La Entrada Honduras. We will:

Aid through augmenting health care with brigades of health-care professionals from the U.S.; providing a dependable supply chain of medications and equipment; developing partnerships and relationships with other humanitarian organizations; and providing financial support.

Inform the people of La Entrada about improving their overall wellness through proper medical treatments, improved health care, and nutritional education.

Empower our Honduran partner, Manos Amigas, to relieve the pain and suffering of impoverished patients.

Our Philosophy

The founders of Serving at the Crossroads knew the non-profit model of swooping into an underserved area and “fixing” everything wouldn’t work for long-term sustainability and improving quality of life. Therefore, to enable local people to help themselves, we embraced the philosophy of aid, inform, and empower as our model. 


Partnering with Honduran NGO, Manos Amigas, Serving at the Crossroads built, equipped, and supports a modern medical and dental facility in La Entrada. Staffed with local health care professionals, the clinic is opened 5½ days a week. We augment with brigades of U.S. specialists who treat patients and train local health care providers. 

Our History

Serving at the Crossroads was founded in 2004. Two years later, we opened a temporary clinic, which was staffed 3-4 hours a day by a volunteer Honduran doctor. We provided medicine and supplies, and coordinated medical brigades from the U.S. to serve at the clinic.  Working with Manos Amigas, we opened a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art clinic in July 2010 on a main highway outside of La Entrada. This facility houses medical and dental examination rooms, an operating room, a training/lecture room, pharmacy, x-ray machines, an ultrasound, blood analyzer, and other medical equipment. We continue to provide the necessary medicine and supplies as well as organize medical and dental brigades from the U.S. Since 2006, the Manos Amigas clinic has treated more than 60,000 patients. With mentoring from Serving at the Crossroads, the clinic staff and Manos Amigas directors have taken ownership of the clinic, solving the day-to-day problems and planning for the future.

Board of Directors

  Robert Sumner, DDS   President

 Robert Sumner, DDS


 Mike Tysowsky, Ph.D.   Chairman

Mike Tysowsky, Ph.D.


Carol Olver   Treasurer

Carol Olver


  Sue Spotts   Secretary

 Sue Spotts


Ken Ballinger    

Ken Ballinger


R.B. Beckmann, MD, FACOG

R.B. Beckmann, MD, FACOG

  Bobbi Hess

 Bobbi Hess

Jodie King

Jodie King

Bob Krauss

Bob Krauss

Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder

  Pete Thompson, DDS

 Pete Thompson, DDS

John Vance

John Vance

Louise Vance

Louise Vance



Summit in Honduras  Breckenridge, CO   

Summit in Honduras

Breckenridge, CO


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Tech Serve International

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