Mike Tysowsky, Ph.D.


Since joining the Board in 2004, Mike has made more than 50 visits to Honduras, where he guided the establishment of an interim clinic along with Bob Sumner.  He coordinated the planning, design and construction of the new healthcare center.  He served as a catalyst for building a medical network, seeking out diverse international partners and identifying ways in which each could work in a collegial environment in support of the new clinic.  He is actively engaged with leaders in the host community and in developing strategic direction, seeking financial support and developing programs that contribute to the building of social infrastructure.  Mike, an entomologist and now retired, former biosciences executive from Zeneca in Wilmington, DE, worked in R&D, new product development, marketing, public, environmental and scientific affairs and held leadership positions at national trade associations in Washington, DC and on the West Coast.  His areas of interest are public health, communications, strategic planning and implementation.