Chester County Hospital Surgical Brigade

April 13, 2013 - April 20, 2013


This is the official page for the Chester County Hospital Surgical Brigade to the Manos Amigas Clinic in La Entrada, Honduras. Here you can find any and all information related the trip!

Brigade Mission

This brigade will be responsible for treating patients.

Serving at the Crossroads welcomes you on the first outpatient surgery team to our Manos Amigas clinic in La Entrada, Honduras. Our sincere hope is you will find this an exciting experience and will want to return in the future to use your skills in helping the poorest of the poor, or as the Hondurans say, “those who have less.” 

The following information is provided to facilitate your travels to Honduras and your stay in the country.

Arrival:  On April 13th you will fly to San Pedro Sula, arriving around noon. Exit the plane and follow the crowd down the escalator to immigrations. After going through immigrations, you will pick-up your luggage (immediately to your right) and proceed to place your luggage and carry-on on one of two X-ray stations. 

Occasionally and at random, they may pull you out of line to go through your luggage before you can exit the area. Do not be alarmed. Someone will be waiting for you as you exit the baggage area. He will load your luggage onto a bus. You and your luggage may go on different busses, but you will be reunited with your luggage in La Entrada. 

If you are hungry there are fast food restaurants in the airport that are safe. Remember to always drink bottled water. You can exchange dollars for Lempiras at the airport. There are men walking around to service you. The exchange rate is roughly 18 limps to one dollar. You might want to exchange $50 for limps. If you need more limps during the week, you can go to the bank across the street from the hotel.

Trip to La Entrada: The trip from the airport to the clinic is about 2½ hours and we can stop as needed. We will arrive at the clinic between 3:30 and 4:00. We will give you a tour of the clinic so you can see where you will be working. You can unload items that do not need to go the hotel.

Trip Information

April 13-20, 2013


To Honduras:

AA 450 PHI to HOU
6:20am EST - 12:00pm CST
UA 270 HOU to SAP
1:30pm CST - 4:56pm CST



AA 450 SAP to HOU
6:20am EST - 12:00pm CST
UA 270 HOU to PHI
1:30pm CST - 4:56pm CST


El San Carlos Hotel