Barron, an infant whose young belly is filled with air

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Recognizing that she had a problem, a young mother came to the clinic with her baby. This two-month old child was undernourished and underweight all because of a facial birth defect that could have been prevented if pre-natal vitamins and micro-nutrients had been available for the mother during pregnancy. Barron was not sleeping well and cried a lot. Although the child was nursing, he was not getting sufficient food because he was unable to latch on strongly to his mother’s bosom. Although he was nursing some, because of his facial deformities, he was sucking in a lot of air and consequently suffered from belly pain with build up of excess air there. The nurses and doctors from the visiting brigade had brought a series of specialized bottle nipples with them in case they encountered circumstances just like these. They taught the mother and the local physicians how to deal with this case and left behind a supply of nipples. The child was given a nutrient supplement along with several nipples for the mother.

In the meantime, the clinic contacted one of our medical partners, Operation Smile in Tegucigalpa, a destination five hours away, to arrange for a consult and special procedure for this patient. Operation Smile specialists will correct his oblate lip. When Barron is at least a year older, he will then have the requisite surgery to correct his pallet. These are relatively simple procedures, costing about $240 that can be accomplished in about 40 minutes, but would have been impossible without participation from a partner in the medical network that SATC had established. With funding from Manos Amigas, this youngster will have corrective surgeries to correct the facial deformities and to have a chance at leading a normal, healthy life.