Name: Barb McHugh

Age: 20

Barb McHugh is a rising junior at the University of Michigan. She is currently studying to be a dentist/ oral surgeon.

McHugh heard of Serving at the Crossroads and Manos Amigas through Father O’Donnell, who is the president and co-founder of a Honduran orphanage called Amigos de Jesus. McHugh volunteered her time at the orphanage last summer with her family. When she heard about SATC, she knew it would be a great learning opportunity for her because she could learn more about dentistry with a hands-on approach. McHugh contacted Bob Sumner, president of SATC, and asked if she could join him on his next brigade.

During her time at the clinic, she learned a lot about dentistry and got to watch the Manos Amigas dentists perform procedures. She became close to the dentists during her time in Honduras and occasionally communicates with them through a text-messaging app.

After the brigade mission was over, McHugh taught at Amigos de Jesus with Maggie Ducayet, executive director of Summit in Honduras, the following week. She is now enjoying her summer with family and friends.