Name: Norma Prahl 

Age: 64

Norma Prahl is a former neonatal nurse practitioner from Knoxville, TN. Prahl worked as a neonatal nurse practitioner for 28 years and as a registered nurse for 38 years.

Prahl heard of Serving at the Crossroads when she met Bobbi Hess, daughter of SATC Founder Bob Sumner, at her pottery stand where she was selling her handmade creations. Hess bought a few of her pottery creations and they started talking about SATC and its mission.

Prahl knew she wanted to visit and volunteer in a 3rd world country since she seeking for a way to make use of her time after retirement and wanted to continue working with women and children who needed her help.

During her week in Honduras, Prahl helped entertain children waiting to be seen by the doctors at Manos Amigas and organized the medical closet with the help of Bobbi Hess, Barbara McHugh, and Nicole Sanders. She also attended the Health Guardians Workshop and helped Health Guardians learn more about modern medical practices.

Prahl is now back in Knoxville with her husband and favorite dog, enjoying the rest of their summer together. She has continued creating marvelous pottery creations and if you are ever in Knoxville, be sure to find her pottery stand and look at her creations.